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Parker Leo
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An essay is usually a small section of writing outlining the writer’s view. In other words, it is a written way for a person to share its views with others.
And the word ‘essay’ is derived from the word ‘exagium’... (More)

Adam Ian
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The body paragraphs are the ones that describe most of the essay. In an essay, there can be three paragraphs or more. It depends on the topic, its purpose, and its expected length.

The important points which are presented in... (More)

Jack Ezra
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1. Select the place and time to study
2. Study daily
3. Make a plan
4. Find your learning style
5. Take breaks
6. Stay away from your Phone
7. Ask for help
8. Study with a group
9. Review... (More)

Nolan Liam
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Mathematics has the main branch, whose name is statistics. Experimental data are shown by using the quantified models and figures in statistics. There are a lot of methods to get the review, analyze, examine, and get conclusions from the data... (More)