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Jaxon Axel
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Asked a question last year

how to find php ini?

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Asher Bill
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In your terminal/console (only Linux, in windows you need Putty)

ssh user@ip

php -i | grep "Loaded Configuration File"

It shows something like this Loaded Configuration

 File => /etc/php.ini.


You can make the php file on the website, which run: <?php phpinfo(); ?>, and you can see a php.ini location on your line with: "Loaded Configuration File".

Update This command gives path right away

cli_php_ini=php -i | grep /.+/php.ini -oE #ref. https: // intellipaat .com /a/15763333/248616

    php_ini="${cli_php_ini/cli/apache2}" #replace cli by apache2 ref. https:// intellipaat. com /a/13210909/248616