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Asher Bill
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Asked a question 5 months ago

how to use lm function in r?

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Jaxon Axel
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For that you first have to pass the data to the function :



model <- function(data, x){

  lmer(paste("cyl ~", x, "+", "(1|disp)"), data = data)


and then try to call it like the following :

mtcars %>% model('hp')

#Linear mixed model fit by REML ['lmerMod']

#Formula: cyl ~ hp + (1 | disp)

#   Data: data

#REML criterion at convergence: 96.2

#Random effects:

# Groups   Name        Std.Dev3.

# disp     (Intercept) 0.927   

# Residual             0.441   

#Number of obs: 32, groups:  disp, 27

#Fixed Effects:

#(Intercept)           hp  

#     3.1866       0.0196